Hypnosis Reviews

Welcome to the humble entrance gate of the Hypnosis Reviews site.

There is a resuscitation of the website ongoing, since October 2009. The website architecture needs to be revamped substantially. The quality of the content MUST be significantly improved.

This site was established as a potential answer to many problematic hypnosis scams around. The field of hypnosis is susceptible to many charlatans without credentails trying to "make a buck" on the popularity and effectivity of the hypnosis, yet utilizing the ignorance of the general public about the field of hypnosis. That was the idea.

Now while the website is being resuscitated, I'm hoping to move it towards general hypnosis resource, reviews functionality might be added later (during 2011)

I have been around as a customer for many years, and have succesfully avoided problems because of the deeper knowledge of the field, yet many just want the fix for their problem and don't know much about hypnosis, what to look for and what to avoid. This is where reviews might help later on, but until that time I'll be addding some articles and posts that might help as well.

We will be also improving the old directory of hypnotherapists, particularly those English speaking or with an English language online presence.

The goal is this: so that you will find here accessible, easy to digest information about hypnosis, which will help you in your decision making.